About Food Fitness First

The purpose of Food Fitness First, Inc.® is to provide simple nutrition and health information to all.  We understand that nutrition and fitness information can be overwhelming at times and we are here to help.  We offer expert advice and resources at your fingertips so you can take charge of your health and attain your desired goals. 

Our experts have developed resources that address your dietary challenges.  Recipes, menus, tips and much more are available to you.  With specialists in diabetes, renal, pediatrics and sports nutrition, we bring to you the most relevant and up-to-date information available.

Our program is based upon the Food Spiral®.  This nutrition tool allows you to make the best food choices regardless of your dietary challenge.  It is based upon the 3 simple colors of a traffic light.  This easy tool allows you to incorporate healthy eating patterns into your daily life.  

To learn more on how the Food Spiral® can help your university, company or organization please visit www.foodfitnessu.com

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Our Founders

Pam Thompson RD

Pam Thompson is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian.  As a University of Georgia graduate with a degree in Dietetics, the interrelationship with nutrition and wellness is her passion.  Almost thirty years ago, she founded Instructional Dietetic Associates, Inc., a dietary and nutrition consulting company that provides Registered Dietitians to a full spectrum of health care facilities: Head Start, MD offices, Council on Aging, renal dialysis centers, addiction disease facilities, and universities.

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Nancy Walker RD

I have been a Registered Dietitian for over 30 years. From the beginning, I have been intrigued with diabetes. As a child, I saw several of my relatives suffer with the disease. My Aunt Lizzie, 100 lbs soaking wet, had diabetes and took insulin. My Uncle Syl had part of his foot amputated and had a bad limp. My grandmother and Aunt Kate both developed diabetes in their late 70’s. About 20 years ago, my brother was diagnosed with...

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