Portion Control

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Portion Control

Posted on 11th Jan 2019

Eating for your health does not mean that you will never be able to eat your favorite foods again. You can still eat healthy and include some of your favorite foods. How? By portion control!

What is portion control? Portion control is being aware of the amount of foods that you eat compared to their serving size. A serving size is the amount of food recommended. A portion is how much you choose to consume of that serving size. For example, one serving of potato chips is typically 12-14 chips, but we can rarely just stop at 12-14. We might eat 20-30. That is not portion control. Portion control would be eating just the serving size of 12-14 chips. Practicing portion control can help with weight loss, weight management, and can help manage your chronic kidney disease.

Below are 5 tips for practicing better portion control.

1) Don’t eat from the bag or box.

  • Eating straight from the bag or box makes it easier to overeat. Portion out one serving of food and put the bag or box back in the pantry.

2) Pre-portion your favorite snacks.

  • Go ahead and sort out plastic bags of a serving of food and store in the pantry to have one hand. This will eliminate the temptation to eat from the bag as well.

3) Use smaller dishes and silverware.

  • You won’t be able to fit excess food on a smaller plate. This can also make it look like you are eating more food.

4) Use measuring cups.

  • Start measuring out foods like oil, cereal, and dressings to figure out what one serving is. You will become more aware of how much or how little one serving really is.

5) Estimate serving sizes using common objects.

  • You won’t always have measuring cups with you, like if you are eating at a restaurant. You can use common objects to estimate what one serving of food. Is to help. For example:

- 1 cup is the size of a tennis ball

- 1 oz of cheese is the size of a domino

- ¼ cups of nuts is the size of a golf ball

-1 tablespoon of ketchup or mustard is the size of your thumb

- 3 oz of meat is the size or your palm

- 3 oz of fish is the size of a checkbook

- a hamburger patty is the size of a hockey puck

- a serving of pasta is the size of your fist

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