Travel Tips to Keep You Healthy

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Travel Tips to Keep You Healthy

Posted on 6th Feb 2019

#1: Be Aware of Tourist Traps

  • Avoid restaurants that have people outside urging you to come in.

  • Avoid restaurants that have pictures of food on bulletin boards or in the windows.

  • Meeting locals will help you learn the signs for tourist traps, plus you may get great recommendations, so don’t be shy!

#2: Enjoy the Overabundance of Meat and Sugar in Moderation

  • Almost all European cities love sugary pastries for breakfast and fatty meats for lunch in sandwiches. You will see stands, café’s and more everywhere you look filled with these delicious snacks. You are on vacation, so you don’t need to avoid them completely, as they are a delicacy and you won’t find them any better in the United States. Just remember – enjoy in moderation.

#3: Make a Schedule/Routine That Actually Works

  • Ask a tour guide you trust to give you restaurant recommendations so that you can experience a country’s cuisine the best way they offer. If it is a popular spot, they may have a long wait or need reservations, so plan your day wisely. These places will use fresh ingredients grown locally. You don’t want to miss out.

  • Avoid unhealthy snacking – there are many temptations in European cuisine.

  • Eat a healthy, filling breakfast – you will be walking a lot and need energy!

  • In many cities, especially Spain, people like to eat dinner late at night. This can interfere with your metabolism, especially if you are on a short holiday, so be aware of what is best for you and check restaurant closing times.

  • Get a good night’s sleep.

#4: Work a Budget

  • Go to a local supermarket and buy food and drinks for a picnic in the park. This is very common in European cities; plus it is a cheap, beautiful and fun experience during the summer months!

  • Compare and contrast fixed price meals. Fixed price meals typically include an appetizer or starter, drink, main course and dessert. Some restaurants offer these at great deals while others don’t, so determine how hungry you are and how long you are planning on sitting down to see what is cost effective.

#5: Always be Prepared

  • If you have diabetes, wear an ID bracelet, carry candy for a low blood sugar and take extra insulin with you. (Remember to pack your insulin in an insulated container).

  • Carry a water bottle. As a tourist, you may find yourself enjoying long walks as you view the sites and explore the city. Be sure to stay hydrated and use water that is safe and clean!


Now, time for the fun part! Famous Cuisine by Country:

  1. Spain (known for tapas)

    1. Padron Peppers (pimientos) – small grilled green peppers

    2. Patatas Bravas – potatoes with paprika

    3. Jamon Iberico (Spanish ham) and Manchengo Cheese – commonly served on platters as an appetizer with nuts or small pickles

    4. Paella – rice mixture with various spices, vegetables, meat and/or seafood

    5. Churros – crunchy dough covered in sugar

    6. Gazpacho – cold soup

  2. Italy

    1. Pizza

    2. Pasta - Bolognese (red meat sauce) and Casia e Pepe (cheese and black pepper).

    3. Gelato – Try fruit flavors over chocolate or caramel for a healthier treat. European cities love to put cookies in as well.

  3. France

    1. Cheese - Brie, Roquefort (Blue), Conte

    2. Caprese Salad - mozzarella, tomato, basil

  4. Germany

    1. Currywurst - sausage with curry powder spice

  5. Czech Republic

    1. Palacinky Pancakes - repes stuffed with fruit and jam

  6. Hungary

    1. Goulash - thick stew with meat and vegetables, seasoned with paprika

  7. Turkey

    1. Hummus, pita and grilled vegetables

    2. Flafel – chickpea sandwich (vegetarian)

  8. UK

    1. English Breakfast -eggs, ham, toast, beans, grilled tomatoes and/or black pudding with tea

  9. Greece

    1. Feta, salad, vegetables, olive oil, olives, fish, bread

    2. Tzatziki - greek yogurt, cucumber, garlic and dill dip/sauce

    3. Baklava - olive oil and honey pastry typically found with nuts

  10. Eastern Europe (Croatia/Bosnia and Herzegovina/Montenegro/Serbia)

    1. Dolma - stuffed bell peppers with minced meat and rice

    2. Cevapi  mini sausages with mustard


Handy Word Translations:

  1. Gluten-Free

    1. Spanish - Sin gluten

    2. French - Sans gluten

    3. Italian - Senza glutine

    4. German - Gluten-frei

  2. Vegetarian

    1. Spanish - Vegetariano

    2. French - Végétarien

    3. Italian - Vegetariano

    4. German - Vegetarier

  3. Allergy

    1. Spanish - Alergia

    2. French - Allergie

    3. Italian - Allergia

    4. German - Allergie

  4. Tap Water

    1. Spanish - Agua del grifo

    2. French - l'eau du robinet

    3. Italian - Acqua di rubinetto

    4. German - Leitungswasser

  5. Salt

    1. Spanish - Sal

    2. French - Sel

    3. Italian - Sale

    4. German - Salz

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